FD Machinery metal stamping service combines the experience of our toolmakers with our dedication to quality to produce parts that reliably meet our clients’ standard. Using progressive tooling and secondary tooling to produce small and large parts, we are able to offer quick turnarounds on prototypes and production runs.


Materials: Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, low carbon steel, etc

Press range: 20-200 ton

Thickness: 0.25mm-6mm

Tolerance: 0.1mm

Inspection: 1st Piece Inspection, In-Process, Final

Production volume: From single piece prototypes to volume in the tens-of-millions of pieces per year.

Industry focus: Agriculture, Truck, automotive, electronics, medical, furniture, hardware, machinery, etc

Additional services: CNC machiningCNC turningMetal StampingSheet MetalFinishesMaterials, etc

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